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List Of Programming Languages

Have you ever wondered how many languages there are? Well On my bog site i have explored that wonder. Lets you see the opportunities of developing in so many other language you could think of.

Link :

List is sourced by Wikipedia



Welcome the “Hello World”

If i am curious on learning a new language, no matter if its OOP or Scrips there will always be a “hello world” code that can give you a kick to get you started. That is the first piece of code that actually works. Thus in this post i have combined +-100 different language’s “Hello World” code which might help you if you beginning to learn a new language.

If you are looking to learn a new language and want to see how the syntax of the language looks this might also help. In this post i have gathered different language where as some i know of and others ‘it would be nice to learn’.

Of course its all about how well you know the one language which you have mastered and not learning all different types of languages and not being good at none. Hope this post help. Please go to Link : >>

Enjoy Coding!!

Tiered of Searching for specific API Try this<>

Here you will be able to search for specific API you are looking for and very easy to use.

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Simplicity is the key!

6 Books Every Programmer Should know!!

Learning PHP & MySql

Needed something new for web dev, so gave PHP a try.

I have worked with HTML two or three years back, it is am awesome language but at the point it does get boring. I have created some sites but one have published which is very very basic. Its a pure HTML …no funny business. I had used Front Page to create it.. okay you must be laughing but at that time it was one of the cool things for me… I think it is simple to learn how to create web pages using HTML, just remember the tags.. that all!!
Give it a try .. visit the site..
The site is by the way about Cricket … did not get chance to update it..
This is where I had a thought of going to PHP development. So why not just upgrade the site to php and MySql base. Where I will get a chance to work with database and learn two different things at once.
So have started the tutorial, in my next post will publish my experience and thooughts on it and what I have done with it. The tutorial I am using is on the site : .
If any one have any suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to post.
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