Data Structure and Complexity

These are some of the topics that you will need to know , in order to pass the exam. Please note that there might be some of the topics where i might have missed out on it, if you think i have let me knowthus I can add on .

  • Computing

  • Partial Computing

  • Binary Search

  • Linear Search

  • Sorting

  • Huffman Code

  • Heaps

  • Priority Queues

  • Quick Sort

  • Boyer- Moore

  • Knuth Morris Pratt

  • Rabin-Karp

  • Bruce Force

  • Big O Notation

  • Tower of Hanoi

  • Longest common Subsequence

  • Maximum common subsequence

  • Traversal of Trees

  • Graphs( Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Spanning Tree, Topologiccal search, Shortest path, Dijkstra’s algorithm)

  • NP complete problem

  • Polynomial reduction

  • Queues

  • Merge Sort

  • Tries

  • Minimum spanning Trees(Cycle property, partition property, krushkal’s algorithm, Prim-Jarnik’s algorithm, Baruvka’s Algorithm)

  • Knapsack Algorithm

  • Polynomial at a point

  • Exponentiation

  • RSA Encryption

PS: I do not stand liable for an of these information where as it might be incorrect.It your choice.

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I am a Computer Science Student Studying at University Of Western Cape. Almost 6 Years in Java coding but now seem to share knowledge with others around via this site. Hope this site helps you whatever you were looking for.

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