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Data Structure and Complexity

These are some of the topics that you will need to know , in order to pass the exam. Please note that there might be some of the topics where i might have missed out on it, if you think i have let me knowthus I can add on .

  • Computing

  • Partial Computing

  • Binary Search

  • Linear Search

  • Sorting

  • Huffman Code

  • Heaps

  • Priority Queues

  • Quick Sort

  • Boyer- Moore

  • Knuth Morris Pratt

  • Rabin-Karp

  • Bruce Force

  • Big O Notation

  • Tower of Hanoi

  • Longest common Subsequence

  • Maximum common subsequence

  • Traversal of Trees

  • Graphs( Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Spanning Tree, Topologiccal search, Shortest path, Dijkstra’s algorithm)

  • NP complete problem

  • Polynomial reduction

  • Queues

  • Merge Sort

  • Tries

  • Minimum spanning Trees(Cycle property, partition property, krushkal’s algorithm, Prim-Jarnik’s algorithm, Baruvka’s Algorithm)

  • Knapsack Algorithm

  • Polynomial at a point

  • Exponentiation

  • RSA Encryption

PS: I do not stand liable for an of these information where as it might be incorrect.It your choice.

Memo for Examination for Data structure and Algorithms

This is not exactly what you will be expecting in the exam for Mr. Dodds. But this might help as these points were provided by himself. Also please note that there might be some spelling errors. I have tried my best to provide you guys with some of the links with in the document for the data structures.

Here it is:

Exam for the COS 212

  • Chapter 4 or three on big O notation (From the text book).
  • Linear search– must  be able to give or describe the algorithm and its timing.
    • Suppose 85% of the search takes place in the first 5% of the list, what is the average time?
    • 0.85(5+1/2)+0.15(5+(95+1)/2)
    • Can linear search be fine tuned?
    • Binary search– be able to give or describe algorithm and timing.
      • E.g. how long does it take to find an element not in the list?
        • How many probes does it take to look 123455 …
        • Heaps/priority queues.
          • Be able to explain the time complexity of the building a heap top-down and building a Heap bottom up and code them.
          • Explain sorting with heap and explain its space and time complexity.
          • Be able to program sorting using a Heap.
          • What algorithm do you know that use Heaps to speed them up, give a list.
  • Find kth smallest element using Heaps. Will you use a Heap or Hoare’s partition?
    • Hoare’s partition will take O(nlog n)
    • Quick sort: timing O(nlog n) ,partition, timing was dealt with in details in class notes. Merge sort, Timing. Find the kth smallest/largest element in the list with out sorting hint use partition or use a Priority list built bottom up.
    • Boyer Moore, Knuth Morris Pratt, Rabin Karp versus Brute force, know all timing. Know details of algorithms, be able to fill in a gaps in given programs.
    • Tries
    • Huffman encoding and decoding, know the property Huffman. (How does Wayner encryption- based on Huffman coding- work. No to Stress J )
    • Be able to describe efficient spelling checkers given constrains such as: “Using a preprocessed dictionary the checking algorithm must independent of the size of the dictionary” or “The program may not use a method that relies on hashing(use rather Tries).” Or “The dictionary and data must be processed at the same time.”
    • Longest common subsequence (LCS). What is the dynamic programming?
    • Graphs: Definition, Depth-first search DFS for trees, Breadth First Search( BFS) for trees. DFS,BFS for graphs traversal. Dijkstra shortest path algorithm, Krushkal algorithm and Prim-Jarnik Algorithm for Minimal spanning Trees. Timing of each, you must be able to explain the timing.
    • For graphs also be able to explain the data structure to store them: edge list, node list, adjacency, etc.
    • Topological sorting
    • Be able to demonstrate all the algorithms, given a small set of data.
    • Give and explain an O(2n), and O(nn), and an O(Nn^n)  algorithm.
    • What is log base b of any number given as a base b number in term of its digits?
    • What is the biggest unsigned/signed number that can be represented using 16, 32, 64 or 128 bits – give the answer without using calculator.
    • How long will the Towers of Hanoi using 64 disks. Estimate with out using a calculator. Be able to derive the time complexity T(N)=2^n -1 for the Tower of Hanoi.
    • Understand and able to derive and explain.
      • T(N)= 2T(N/2) +cN = O(N log N) – the time taken by divide and conquer algorithms.
      • Be able to prove that the Halting problem is non-computable.
      • Define totality, equivalence.
      • What is meant by partial computability?
      • What is proof system?
      • Give a class of algorithms that are considered efficient?
      • When do we consider an algorithm intractable?
      • What is meant by NP completeness?
      • Understand and be able to explain what the practical implication are of knowing that an algorithm is NP complete.
      • Give a list of at least 5 problems that are NP complete.
      • Be able to explain how to go about proving that a given problem is NP complete.
PS: I do not stand liable for any incorrect information since i have collected this information as it is.

Ice Cream Sandwich, its new Features Plus New Developer Features

Source – Android

All i am going to say is that Android in my point of view, most updated Mobile OS right now. IceCreamSandwich is very much surprising with these features and looking at some snapshots of it… it has gone very much far for OS that has not been in industry for same as Nokia. lets Look at some of the features:

  • Refined, evolved UI

  • Home screen folders and favorites tray

  • Resizable widgets

  • New lock screen actions

  • Quick responses for incoming calls

  • Swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks, and browser tabs

  • Improved text input and spell-checking

  • Powerful voice input engine

  • Control over network data

  • Designed for accessibility

  • Unified calendar, visual voicemail

  • Rich and versatile camera capabilities

  • Redesigned Gallery app with photo editor

  • Live Effects for transforming video

  • Sharing with screenshots

  • Cloud-connected experience

  • Powerful web browsing

  • Improved page rendering performance

  • Improved email

  • Improved auto-completion

  • Nested mail subfolders

  • Resizable Email widget

  • Android Beam for NFC-based sharing

  • Face Unlock

  • Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth HDP

And Much more..

Here are some of the Developers Features:

  • Unified UI framework for phones, tablets, and more

  • Social API

  • Calendar API

  • Visual voicemail API

  • Android Beam

  • Modular sharing widget

  • Low-level streaming multimedia

  • New camera capabilities

  • Media effects for transforming images and video

  • Audio remote controls

  • New media codecs and containers

  • Wi-Fi Direct

  • Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP)

  • Layout enhancements

  • OpenGL ES texture views

  • Hardware-accelerated 2D drawing

  • Stylus input, button support, hover events

  • Text services API for integrating spelling checkers

  • Accessibility API

  • Text-to-speech API

  • Secure management of credentials

  • Address Space Layout Randomization

  • VPN client API

  • Device policy management for camera

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Assembler Test – Wednesday

So every one is stressed i know but, here is something that might help you with your studying for Assembler this Wednesday. hope it help!! These slides are passed down from Toufeeq, so dont kill the messenger. Good luck studying Peeps!!

CSC 212 Marks are Out!


A day without Steve Jobs

So Its official Iphone 4S “Siri”

It is here. Before you even say how to pronounce, Its called “Siri”. With 70% Mobile satisfaction leaving behind HTC. Let me give you little bit of information of this coming soon Device to South Africa .

Let me give you some details about this device:

  • Retina Display, Indeed.
  • Dual-core CPU, 2x as fast at CPU tasks
  • Dual-core graphics – 7x faster in the previous iPhone
  •  Increased to 8 hours talk time
  • Switch between two antennas between send and receive to make even better call quality
  •  Data can now download up to 2x as fast. Max performance used to be 5.8 up and 7.2 down — now doubles to almost 14.4Mbps down.
  • Camera on the iPhone 4S 8 megapixel sensor
  • CMOS backside illuminated sensor — gets 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor, and 1/3rd faster.
  • A high-end IR filter for greater accuracy and uniformity.
  • Hd 1080p video
  •  The iPhone 4S. Black and white, 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399(US Network).
  • 64GB is the first time in an iPhone
What you think of the prediction, Growth of Apple Iphone market Now?


Almost Every Format You Can Think of!

Almost Every file format in the world!

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T UV W X Y Z  No# 


ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup
ACL Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator
ACM Used by Windows in the system directory
ACP Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file
ACT Microsoft Office Assistant Actor file
ACV OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio data
AD After Dark screensaver
ADB Appointment database used by HP 100LX organizer
ADD OS/2 adapter drivers used in the boot process
ADM After Dark MultiModule screensaver
ADP Used by FaxWorks to do setup for fax modem interaction
ADR After Dark Randomizer screensaver
AFM Adobe font metrics
AF2 ABC Flowchart file
AF3 ABC Flowchart file
AI Adobe Illustrator drawing
AIF Apple Mac AIFF sound
ALB JASC Image Commander album
ALL Arts & Letters Library
AMS Velvert Studio music module (MOD) file
ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable

list of pattern colorsANIAnimated CursorANSANSI textAPIApplication Program Interface file; used by Adobe AcrobatAPRLotus Approach 97 fileAPSMicrosoft Visual C++ fileARCLH ARC (old version) compressed archiveARJRobert Jung ARJ compressed archiveARTXara Studio drawingARTCanon Crayola art fileASAMicrosoft Visual InterDev fileASCASCII textASDWinWord AutoSaveASMAssembler language source fileASPActive Server Page (an HTML file containing a Microsoft

server-processed script)ASPProcomm Plus setup and connection scriptASTClaris Works “assistant” fileATTAT&T Group 4 bitmapAVIMicrosoft Video for Windows movieAWDFaxView document


BAK Backup file
BAT Batch file
BFC Windows 95 Briefcase document
BG Backgammon for Windows game
BI Binary file
BIF GroupWise initialization file
BIN Binary file
BK Sometimes used to denote backup versions
BK$ Also sometimes used to denote backup versions
BKS An IBM BookManager Read bookshelf
BMK An A bookmark file
BMP Windows or OS/2 bitmap
BM1 Apogee BioMenace data file
BRX A file for browsing an index of multimedia options 
BSP Quake map
BS1 Apogee Blake Stone data file
BTM Batch file used by Norton Utilities
B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts file


C C code
CAB Microsoft cabinet file (program files compressed for

software distribution)CALCALS Compressed BitmapCALCalendar schedule dataCASComma-delimited ASCII fileCATIntelliCharge categorization file used by QuickenCBMicrosoft clean boot fileCCBVisual Basic Animated Button configurationCCFMultimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2CCHCorel ChartCCMLotus CC:Mail “box” (for example, INBOX.CCM)CDACD Audio TrackCDFMicrosoft Channel Definition Format fileCDIPhillips Compact Disk Interactive formatCDRCore Draw drawingCDTCorel Draw templateCDXCorel Draw compressed drawingCELCIMFast Event Language fileCFBComptons Multimedia fileCFGConfiguration fileCGICommon Gateway Interface script fileCGMComputer Graphics MetafileCHOS/2 configuration fileCHKFile fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or

ScanDiskCHPVentura Publisher chapterCILClip Gallery download packageCIMSim City 200 fileCINOS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI

fileCK1iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data fileCK2iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data fileCK3iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data fileCK4iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data fileCK5iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data fileCK6iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data fileCLASSJava classCLPWindows Clipboard fileCLSVisual Basic Class ModuleCMDCommand file for Windows NT (similar to a DOS .BAT file)CMDDOS CP/M command fileCMDdBase-II program fileCMFCorel MetafileCMPJPEG BitmapCMPAddress documentCMVCorel Move animationCMXCorel Presentation Exchange imageCNFConfiguration file used by Telnet, Windows, and other

applicationsCNMWindows application menu options and setup fileCNQCompuworks Design Shop fileCNTWindows (or other) system content files for the help

index and other purposesCOBtrueSpace2 objectCODMicrosoft C compiler output as displayable assembler

with original C as commentsCOMCommand file (program)CPDFax Cover documentCPEFax Cover documentCPIMicrosoft MS-DOS code page information fileCPLControl Panel extensionCPLCorel colour paletteCPPC++ codeCPRCorel Presents PresentationCPTCorel Photo-Paint imageCPXCorel Presentation Exchange Compressed drawingCRDCardfile fileCRPCorel Presents Run-Time PresentationCRTCertificate fileCSCCorel ScriptCSPPC Emcee On-Screen imageCSVComma-separated values fileCTScitex CT BitmapCTLUsed in general to mean a file containing control information. CUEMicrosoft Cue Cards dataCURWindows CursorCUTDr Halo bitmapCVCorel Versions archiveCVMicrosoft CodeView information screenCWKClaris Works data fileCWSClaris Works templateCXXC++ source code file


td>C++ Definition

DAT Data file
DAT WordPerfect Merge Data
DBF Aston-Tate dBASE database
DBX DataBeam image
DCR Shockwave file
DCS Desktop Color Separation file
DCX Fax image (based on PCX)
DDF BTRIEVE database
DEF SmartWare II data file
DER Certificate file
DIB Device-Independent Bitmap
DIC Dictionary
DIF Data Interchange Format spreadsheet
DIR Macromedia Director file
DIZ Description file
DLG C++ Dialogue Script
DLL Dynamic-Link Library
DMF X-Trakker music module (MOD) file
DOC FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
DOC WordStar document
DOC WordPerfect document
DOC Microsoft Word document
DOT Microsoft Word document Template
DPR Borland Delphi project header file
DRV Driver
DRW Micrografx Designer/Draw
DSG DooM saved game
DSM Dynamic Studio music module (MOD) file
DSP Microsoft Developer Studio project
DSQ Corel QUERY file
DSW Microsoft Developer Studio workspace
DWG AutoCAD drawing eXchange format
DXF AutoDesk Drawing Interchange format


EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
ENC Encore file
EPS Encapsulated PostScript image
ER1 ERWin file
ERX ERWin file
EVY Envoy document
EWL Microsoft Encarta document
EXE Executable file (program)


F77 FORTRAN file
F90 FORTRAN file
FAR Farandole Composer music module (MOD) file
FAV Microsoft Outlook navigation bar
FAX FAX Type image
FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 drawing
FIF Fractal image file
FITS CCD camera image
FLC AutoDesk FLIC animation
FLI AutoDesk FLIC animation
FLT Corel filter
FLT StarTrekker music module (MOD) file
FMB Oracle binary source code for form, version 4.0 and later
FMT Oracle text format of form, version 4.0 and later
FMT Microsoft Schedule+ print file
FMX Oracle executable form, version 4.0 and later
FOG Fontographer font
FON System font
FOT Font-related file
FP FileMaker Pro file
FP1 Flying Pigs for Windows data file
FP3 FileMaker Pro file
FPX FlashPix bitmap
FRM Form
FRM FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document
FRM Oracle executable form version 3.0 and earlier
FRM Visual Basic form
FRM WordPerfect Merge form
FRX Visual Basic form stash file


GAL Corel Multimedia Manager album
GCP Ground Control Point file used in image processing of

remote sensing data .GEDGraphic Environment Document (drawing)GEMGEM metafileGENVentura-Generated text fileGFCPatton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart fileGFIGenigraphics Graphics Link presentationGFXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentationGIDWindows 95 global index file (containing help status)GIFCompuServe bitmapGIMGenigraphics Graphics Link presentationGIXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentationGNAGenigraphics Graphics Link presentationGNXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentationGRAMicrosoft GraphGRDGrid file, used in image processing of remote sensing

data often to form map projections.GRPProgram Manager GroupGTKGraoumftracker (old) music module (MOD) fileGT2Graoumftracker (new) music module (MOD) fileGWXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentationGWZGenigraphics Graphics Link presentationGZUnix Gzip compressed file


H C program header
HED HighEdit document
HEL Microsoft Hellbender saved game
HEX Macintosh BinHex 2.0 file
HGL HP Graphics Language drawing
HLP Help file
HOG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file
HPJ Visual Basic Help Project
HPP C++ program header
HQX Macintosh BinHex 4.0 file
HST History file
HT HyperTerminal
HTM Hypertext document
HTML Hypertext document
HTX Extended HTML template


ICA Citrix file
ICB Targa bitmap
ICM Image Color Matching profile file
ICO Windows Icon
IDD MIDI Instrument Definition
IDQ Internet Data Query file
IGF Inset Systems metafile
IIF QuickBooks for Windows interchange file
IMA WinImage file
IMG GEM image
INC Assembler language or Active Server include file
INF Information file
INI Initialization file
INP Oracle source code for form, version 3.0 and earlier
INS InstallShield install script
INS X-Internet sign-up file
ISO Lists the files on a CD-ROM; based on the ISO 9660 CD-ROM

file system standardISPX-Internet sign-up fileISUInstallShield uninstall scriptITImpulse Tracker music module (MOD) fileIWIdlewild screensaver


JAR Java ARchive file (a compressed file for applets and

related files)JAVAJava source codeJBFPaint Shop Pro image browser fileJFFJPEG bitmapJIFJPEG bitmapJMPSAS JMPDiscovery chart-to-statistics fileJN1Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle data fileJPEGJPEG bitmapJPGJPEG bitmapJSJavaScript source codeJTFJPEG bitmap


KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer
KFX KoFax Group 4 image
KYE Kye game data


LBM Deluxe Paint bitmap
LDB Microsoft Access lock file
LEG Legacy document
LHA Alternate file suffix for LZH
LIB Library
LIS Output file produced by a Structured Query Reporting

(SQR) programLOG1. Log fileLOG2. Log file used by pokerstars for errors in their poker softwareLPDHelix Nuts and Bolts fileLRCIntel Video Phone fileLSTList fileLWOLightwave Object fileLWPLotus Wordpro 96/97 fileLZHLH ARC compressed archiveLZSSkyroads data file


M3D Corel Motion 3D animation
MAC MacPaint image
MAD Microsoft Access module
MAF Microsoft Access Form
MAK Visual Basic or MS Visual C++ Project
MAM Microsoft Access Macro
MAP Map file
MAP Duke Nukem 3D WAD game file
MAQ Microsoft Access Query
MAR Microsoft Access Report
MAS Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster file
MAT Microsoft Access Table
MAX Paperport file
MAZ Hover maze data
MB1 Apogee Monster Bash data file
MCC Dialer10 calling card
MCS MathCAD image
MCW Microsoft Word for Macintosh document
MDA Microsoft Access add-in
MDB Microsoft Access database
MDE Microsoft Access MDE file
MDL Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file
MDL Quake model file
MDN Microsoft Access blank database template
MDW Microsoft Access Workgroup
MDZ Microsoft Access wizard template
MED Music Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD) file
MER Format for interchanging spreadsheet/database data; recognized

by Filemaker, Excel, and othersMETPresentation Manager metafileMIMiscellaneousMICMicrosoft Image Composer fileMIDMIDI musicMMFMicrosoft Mail FileMMMMicrosoft Multimedia MovieMODFastTracker, StarTrekker, Noise Tracker (etc.) music

module fileMODMicrosoft Multiplan spreadsheetMOVQuickTime for Windows movieMPEMPEG animationMPEGMPEG animationMPGMPEG animationMPPMicrosoft Project fileMPPCAD drawing file formatMP3MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3) fileMSGMicrosoft Mail messageMSNMicrosoft Network documentMSPMicrosoft Paint bitmapMTMMultiTracker music module (MOD) fileMUSMusicMVBMicrosoft Multimedia Viewer fileMWPLotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster file


NAP NAP Metafile
NCB Microsoft Developer Studio file
NSF Lotus Notes database
NST Noise Tracker music module (MOD) file
NTF Lotus Notes database template


OBD Microsoft Office binder template
OBD Microsoft Office Binder
OBJ Object file
OBZ Microsoft Office Binder Wizard
OCX Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding custom control
OFN Microsoft Office FileNew file
OFT Microsoft Outlook template
OKT Oktalyzer music module (MOD) file
OLB OLE Object Library
OLE OLE object
OPT Microsoft Developer Studio file
ORG Lotus Organiser file
OR2 Lotus Organiser 2 file
OR3 Lotus Organiser 97 file


P10 Tektronix Plot 10 drawing
PAB Microsoft Personal Address Book
PAK Quake WAD file
PAL Windows colour palette
PAT Corel Draw pattern
PBK Microsoft Phonebook
PBM Portable Bitmap
PCD Kodak Photo-CD image
PCL HP Laserjet bitmap
PCS PICS animation
PCT Macintosh PICT drawing
PCX ZSoft PC Paintbrush bitmap
PDF Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format or Netware Printer

Definition FilePDFPackage Definition File from Microsoft Systems Management

ServerPDQPatton&Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite filePFAType 1 font (ASCII)PFBType 1 font (binary)PFCPF ComponentPFMPrinter Font MetricsPGLHP Plotter drawingPGMPortable Graymap (bitmap)PICPC Paint bitmapPICLotus picturePICMacintosh PICT drawingPIFProgram Information FilePIFIBM PIF drawingPIGLucas Arts Dark Forces WAD filePINEpic Pinball data filePINEpic Pinball data filePIXInset Systems bitmapPJMKS Source Integrity filePKGMicrosoft Developer Studio application extension (similar

to a DLL file)PLPerl programPLTHPGL Plotter drawingPLTAutoCAD Plot drawingPM5Pagemaker 5.0 filePM6Pagemaker 6.0 fileP65Pagemaker 6.5 filePNGPortable Network Graphics bitmapPNGPaint Shop Pro Browser cataloguePNTMacPaint graphic filePOTMicrosoft PowerPoint TemplatePP4Picture Publisher 4 bitmapPPAMicrosoft PowerPoint Add-inPPMPortable Pixelmap bitmapPPSMicrosoft PowerPoint slide showPPTMicrosoft PowerPoint presentationPRELotus Freelance presentationPRFWindows system filePRNPrint Table (space delimited text)PRSHarvard Graphics for Windows presentationPRZLotus Freelance Graphics 97 filePSPostscript Interpreted drawingPSDAdobe Photoshop bitmapPSTMicrosoft Outlook Personal Folder FilePTMPolytracker music module (MOD) filePUBVentura Publisher publicationPUBMicrosoft Publisher documentPWDMicrosoft Pocket Word documentPWZMicrosoft PowerPoint WizardPXLMicrosoft Pocket Excel spreadsheet


QAD PF QuickArt Document
QBW QuickBooks for Windows file
QDT Quick Books data file from the Quicken UK Accountancy/Tax/Invoice

programQLBQuick LibraryQRYMicrosoft QueryQTQuickTime MovieQTMQuickTime MovieQXDQuark XPress file


R Pegasus Mail resource file
RA Real Audio sound
RAM Real Audio sound
RAS Sun Raster Images bitmap
RAW Raw File Format (bitmap)
RC Microsoft Visual C++ Resource Script
REC Recorder macro
REG Registration file
RES Microsoft Visual C++ Resource
RLE Run-Length Encoded bitmap
RM Real Audio video file
RMI MIDI music
ROV Rescue Rover data file
RPT Microsoft Visual Basic Crystal Reports file
RTF Rich Text Format document
RTM Real Tracker music module (MOD) file


SAM Ami Professional document
SAV Saved game file
SCC Microsoft Source Safe file
SCD Matrix/Imapro SCODL slide image
SCD Microsoft Schedule+ 7
SCH Microsoft Schedule+ 1
SCN trueSpace2 scene
SCP Dial-Up Networking Script
SCR Windows screensaver
SCR Fax image
SCT Scitex CT bitmap
SC2 Microsoft Schedule+ 7
SDL SmartDraw library
SDR SmartDraw drawing
SDT SmartDraw template
SEA Self-expanding archive (used by Stuffit for Mac files

and possibly by others)SEPTagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmapSHBCorel Show presentationSHBDocument shortcut fileSHGHotspot bitmapSHSShell scrap fileSHWCorel Show presentationSITStuffit archive of Mac filesSLKSymbolic Link (SYLK) spreadsheetSNDNeXT soundSNDMac Sound ResourceSQCStructured Query Language (SQR) common code fileSQRStructured Query Language (SQR) program fileSTMScream Tracker music module (MOD) fileSTYVentura Publisher style sheetSVXAmiga 8SVX soundSYSSystem fileS3MScream Tracker 3 music module (MOD) file


TAR Tape Archive
TAZ Unix Gzip/Tape Archive
TEX Texture file
TGA Targa bitmap
TGZ Unix Gzip/Tape Archive
THEME Windows 95 Desktop Theme
THN Graphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail
TIF Tag Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap
TIFF Tag Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap
TIG Tiger file, used by US government to distribute maps
TLB OLE Type Library
TMP Windows temporary file
TRM Terminal file
TRN MKS Source Integrity project usage log
TTF TrueType font
TWF TabWorks file
TWW Tagwrite Template
TXT Text
T2T Sonata CAD modelling software file


UDF Windows NT Uniqueness Database File
ULT Ultratracker music module (MOD) file
URL Internet shortcut
USE MKS Source Integrity file


VBP Visual Basic Project
VBW Microsoft Visual Basic workspace
VBX Visual Basic custom control
VCF Vevi Configuration File; defines objects for use with

Sense8’s WorldToolKitVDATarga bitmapVIVirtual Instrument file from National Instruments LABView

productVLBCorel Ventura LibraryVOCCreative Labs Sound Blaster soundVPVentura Publisher publicationVSDVisio drawing (flow chart or schematic)VSTTarga bitmapVSWVisio Workspace fileVXDMicrosoft Windows virtual device driver


WAD Large file for Doom game containing video, player level,

and other informationWAVWindows Waveform soundWB1QuattroPro for Windows spreadsheetWB2QuattroPro for Windows spreadsheetWBKMicrosoft Word BackupWBLArgo WebLoad II upload fileWCMWordPerfect MacroWDBMicrosoft Works databaseWEBCorelXara Web documentWGPWild Board Games data fileWIDVentura width tableWILWinImage fileWIZMicrosoft Word WizardWK1Lotus 123 versions 1 & 2 spreadsheetWK3Lotus 123 version 3 spreadsheetWK4Lotus 123 version 4 spreadsheetWKSLotus 123 Worksheet spreadsheetWKSMicrosoft Works documentWLFArgo WebLoad I upload fileWLLMicrosoft Word Add-InWMFWindows MetafileWOWGrave Composer music module (MOD) fileWPWordPerfect documentWPWNovel PerfectWorks documentWP4WordPerfect 4 documentWP5WordPerfect 5 documentWP6WordPerfect 6 documentWPDWordPerfect DemoWPDWordPerfect DocumentWPGWordPerfect GraphicWPSMicrosoft Works documentWPTWordPerfect TemplateWQ1QuattroPro/DOS spreadsheetWQ2QuattroPro/DOS version 5 spreadsheetWRIWrite documentWRLVirtual Reality modelWS1WordStar for Windows 1 documentWS2WordStar for Windows 2 documentWS3WordStar for Windows 3 documentWS4WordStar for Windows 4 documentWS5WordStar for Windows 5 documentWS6WordStar for Windows 6 documentWS7WordStar for Windows 7 documentWSDWordStar 2000 documentWVLWavelet Compressed Bitmap


XAR Corel Xara drawing
XLA Microsoft Excel add-in
XLB Microsoft Excel toolbar
XLC Microsoft Excel chart
XLD Microsoft Excel dialogue
XLK Microsoft Excel backup
XLM Microsoft Excel macro
XLS Microsoft Excel worksheet
XLT Microsoft Excel template
XLV Microsoft Excel VBA module
XLW Microsoft Excel workbook / workspace
XM FastTracker 2, Digital Tracker music module (MOD) file
XR1 Epic MegaGames Xargon data file
XTP XTree data file
XY3 XYWrite III document
XY4 XYWrite IV document
XYP XYWrite III Plus document
XYW XYWrite for Windows 4.0 document


YAL Arts & Letters clipart library
YBK Microsoft Encarta Yearbook


Z Unix Gzip
ZIP Zip file
ZOO An early compressed file format

Numbers and symbols

A B C D E  F G H I J K L M N  O P Q R S T U V  W X Y Z  No#

000-999 Used to number old versions of files and number related

data files12MLotus 123 97 Smartmaster file123Lotus 123 97 file2GR and 3GRVGA Graphics driver/configuration files under Windows386A file for use in an 80386 or higher microprocessor669Composer 669, Unis Composer music mod file#01 and higherA method of numbering picture files for a roll of film

that has been scanned$$$Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files@@@Screen files used in the installation and instruction

on use of applications

Mark Zuckerberg does use Facebook all day long

So Mark does use Facebook all day long. We never have  thought he would be on Facebook whole day. Think about it basically saying that Microsoft CEO use Microsoft Windows OS,of course he is not gonna use Apple Product or Mark using My Space account. But if you think about it it is very interesting, imagine Mark having My Space or Google+ account. It is very interesting to know. SO i would ask this Question to him, Does Mark Zuckerberg have Google+ account?

Very interesting.

Game Release Schedule – 2011

Source – gameinformer

Emergency 2012
DC Universe Online
Two Worlds II
Dead Space 2
Trapped Dead
Stronghold: Kingdoms

Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops
Test Drive Unlimited 2
Fate of the World
Everquest II: Destiny of Velious
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
Trapped Dead
Until I’m Gone
Shadow Harvest

Major League Baseball 2K11
Dragon Age 2
u c k ***.3.A.R.
Crysis 2
The Next Big Thing
The Sims Medieval
From Dust
Shogun 2: Total War

Bloodline Champions
Fable 3
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution
Iron Sky
The First Templar
Alice: Madness Returns
Afterfall: Insanity
Age of Pirates: Captain Blood

Stronghold 3
Nuclear Dawn
Portal 2
Cricket Life 1
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

The Witcher 2
Red Faction: Armageddon

Star Wars: The Old Republic
I Am Alive
Torchlight II
Sword of the Stars II: The Lords of Winter
Colin McRae: Dirt 3
Operation Flashpoint: Red River
Gatling Gears
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Driver: San Francisco
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Far Cry 3

Jumpgate Evolution

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
Miner Wars
Batman: Arkham City

The Grinder

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Aliens: Colonial Marines

2011 TBA
Guild Wars 2
Earth No More
The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
Dungeon Siege III
End of Nations
Spec Ops: The Line
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
True Crime: Hong Kong
Hitman 5
Metal Gear Solid Rising
Saints Row 3
Battlefield 3
DotA 2
Kingdom Under Fire II
Civilization Network
Diablo III
Duke Nukem Forever
Postal 3
Max Payne 3
The Agency
Assassin’s Creed III
War of Angels
Mass Effect 3

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