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This might help if you doing Assembler 8086

I hope it helps.Laters peeps!!


Time for Upgrading guys!!

Okay.. Guys .. Who ever is designing these ads need to think of upgrading their Windows in the ad at least.. Come on.. We use W7 now.. At least try to fool the guys the right way.. Ey..

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Accessing Blocked Web Sites

Here are some links where you can try to access sites which are blocked at UWC.

Some are already blocked by UWC but some others should work.

View .PS Post Script extension On your Windows Machine

Here is an awesome site where you can convert your *.ps files to PDF at no cost. Simply Upload your file and click convert and wala, the pdf will be available to download.


I want to start at step 1!!

Now days when we living our daily life, we come across many techy stuff, mobile, computers etc but have you ever wonder where it all began. Don’t you ever wonder that I wish I was born lil earlier to see the Beginning of computing.

I wanted to be there when the Guy wrote his first code or punched on the so called card – according to Mr R Dodds 😉 .. But imagine.. If we were there to sEe all those Founding , we would appreciate all the hard work that has put in to see that Quad core Pc in our Household. When a guy says ag man.. I will get more Ram if his pc is running slow, but he/she doesn’t know the pc…He/she assumes Ram makes his/her pc faster mean while there are other aspect too that plays a role for the speed of the PC.

Small aspect like those that people think that they know all about A Computer, even I say I don’t know it all.. But I am trying to learn. What I mean is Respect what we have today and those who invented these Base line for us to work on.

This brings me back to same point only if I was there when these thechys were invented…

“Respect is earned”- ?

To all who were asking me for the papers.. Here it is. “I did not give it to you guys!” – Hidden Pages

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