Using windows7 builtin copy function is good. You know the part when we copying something and you are so curious to find out the actual speed windows is copying at, so we click more and we are fascinated by it.

Check this app out. Its called TeraCopy. Many of you might have heard of it but ya.. For those who haven’t, this app copies at 64MB/s.. As I have seen so far.. Might goes faster.. I don’t know. But the fact that now days we all have external and not 120gb but 1TB or more . So to transfer data, this app is quiet a master.

There are other apps , one is called Total commander. I use to use that one but prefer TeraCopy now, much easier.

Of course when you copying , it all depends on what kind of file you are copying but I mean this app heled me for almost 6months I. Have been using it.

Laters for now.. Cheers!

Proof of the speed is below..

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I am a Computer Science Student Studying at University Of Western Cape. Almost 6 Years in Java coding but now seem to share knowledge with others around via this site. Hope this site helps you whatever you were looking for.

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