Windows Force!!

This is so frustrating when we are forced to install windows.

Come on let’s face it! Many are comfortable with it but.. I need something to explorer at all times.. Not something which gives me what I expect. Come on let’s get some error from the OS.

Always fun to have error so we can always find ways of fixing it by researching online or Ubuntu forum.. Hahaha.. But hey.. Even if windows has error.. It is not fun fixing .. Let be honest .. Just ask your friend studying IT or Comp Sci.. But then you fix it .. And then what happen??? Same old .. Continue using the OS..

Here with Open source… Explore is Written everywhere.. Make me feel at home.. When I use it.. Does it to you too??


About jignesh272

I am a Computer Science Student Studying at University Of Western Cape. Almost 6 Years in Java coding but now seem to share knowledge with others around via this site. Hope this site helps you whatever you were looking for.

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  1. Whats up Jigga! Nice blog man, but i dont see your code anywhere. 😛

  2. I’M GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH YEAH BUDDY….. You know you love that cock munching. MMMmmmmmm

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