Access 2007

In 2008 , I had come across Office tool called Microsoft Access 2007. At first i thought it was just another Software from Microsoft, but wait, i was taken to the point where i was extremely amazed.

School teachers showed us the Graphics side of what the software can do, such as Tables, queries, forms, modules, etc. This sort of gave ideas on how the Access works but i thought to my self how will this help me on future, so i past the subject and left it unpracticed.
Here i am in my second year of BSc Computer Science year 2010. I applied for a tutor position and luckily i got a position for database developer and maintenance. This part time job used MS Access to develop Databases, application etc.
My partner and i were the guys who were running the whole database, holding around about 2500 students. My partner had experience with Databases and so did i but he knew the programming part, which i think is more powerful then the actual graphics user interface.
After the 1 year experience there, had learned to code in VB, so the confusion came where i code in Java, my syntax always goes crazy.
VB is powerful, and in my opinion people are just underestimating, it helps you to see results more quicker then other language that i have worked so far.
Now use 2010 Visual basic Express to produce applications, only some time … still sticking to Java.Maybe in future expect some application of mine on my blog.
Enjoy coding… “Think first, Code Later”-Can’t Remember 🙂

About jignesh272

I am a Computer Science Student Studying at University Of Western Cape. Almost 6 Years in Java coding but now seem to share knowledge with others around via this site. Hope this site helps you whatever you were looking for.

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