Computer science deals with the theoretical foundations of information, computation, and with practical techniques for their implementation and application. – .wikipedia.

We all come up with different ideas in Computer Science, but how many of those ideas are being executed. There is actually something to think about here. The point is that if an idea has been thought, why not execute it. There are lots of reasons why we are not able to execute it, BUT who ever did execute it…they are GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, etc.

On this site you will be able to find all the information about Computer Science, which i have practiced, learned,practicing and learning  (either from the Lecturers or by my self). Thus Please note that the content is all about my point of view; how i understand the work. This might help you understand a specific topic with my simple understandings on topics.

Future goal, i will be uploading lots of  the tutorial for things i am learning such as Mobile application developments (Windows phone, RIM Blackberry). Other planning on my agenda is to develop application for Windows using MySql, and much more.

Disclaimer: Please note all my external notes will be referenced, i will not take credit for someone else’s work. It goes against our Computer Science Community. If i do share content it will be a link which will be totally external thus i do not stand reliable for illegal activity.

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